BLOG 3: Colonialism


With a response that is as specific and accurate as possible:

What are your hopes and dreams for yourself? What sort of occupation would you like to have and what sort of environment would you like to live in? In what ways does/has colonialism impacted your vision and possibilities for the future? In what ways might education be a tool to change your life and achieve your goals? 

My hopes and dreams for myself are quite simple. All I want is peace. Peace within myself and around the world as well. Right now in my life there is so much turmoil going on, that it now seems normal for something to go wrong. I want to live a life where my friends aren’t harassed, where people have clean water, and where shootings are a thing of the past. I want to live a life where every second is dictated by time or technology. Obtaining this dream starts by looking in the mirror and positively changing what I do.

My ideal occupation would involve helping people in any kind of way. Something that would let me use my communication skills and my own experiences to help solve problems. I would love to do this ideal occupation in my own neighborhood! What better way to give back to the community when it’s the one where people know you. The career that I think matches what I want to do is Law Enforcement because I want to be the bridge between the community and the people who serve them.

See, not all police officers are bad lol

Colonialism makes me more aware of what I say and what I think. Before I used to say inappropriate things back in middle school. I didn’t know better because everybody capped on each other based on their race. Now, I have a deeper respect for every single culture. Colonialism is straight up ignorance, from the people who colonize and even the one’s being colonized. There are a few examples of colonialism still present, such as the idea of “White Privilege”, but the future is bright and there are plenty of organizations changing the status quo. The possibilities are endless. We as the human race have a come along way from the civil rights movement to legalizing gay marriage, so why not strive for more. With technology we can spread innovative solutions and connect people who are a million miles away. I am doing my thing with this Tumblr post, so we have a lot of opportunities to grow!

An example of “Colonial Mentality”

Education can totally change my life. Coming from a small family and my parents only having a HS diploma, it’s a huge opportunity for me change that trend and better myself. Learning and experiencing could help me attain inner-peace by attacking social and personal issues critically. Education is essential and should be available and affordable for everyone. I believe it can get me out of situations that I would never think be possible.

Some uplifting ish to get you going today


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